About Us

Horse Creek Water Services Inc. (HCWS) incorporated under the laws of Alberta on May 2, 2014 as 1812234 Alberta Ltd, which was amended to Horse Creek Water Service Inc. on September 1, 2015. August 2014, HCWS purchased and acquired the assets of Regional Water Services Ltd. (Regional), which was in receivership resulting in HCWS becoming the new owner and operator of the existing water system and providing water and waste water services to the residential development known as Monterra on Cochrane Lakes.

Horse Creek Water Services Inc., currently supplies treated drinking water, while Horse Creek Sewer Services Inc., provides waste water services. Although they are two different companies all billing for water and waste water is done through Horse Creek Water Services. These services provide treated water to approximately 156 residential water customers residing in the community of Monterra on Cochrane Lakes in the County of Rocky View, Alberta.

The state of the art water treatment systems meet all current quality guidelines and to ensure the safety of the product that we provide to our customers. Day to day operations and maintenance of the water treatment, supply and distribution services are contracted out to a third party, Sampson Water Services Ltd. Sampson was chosen as the operator as they are able to offer a high quality service with respect to safety, maintenance and ongoing operations of the facility.